Right to Information Act

The Right to Information Act 2005, which enforces transparency and accountability in the working of the Public Authority, is a mile stone in our Democracy. Democracy is by the people, for the people and of the people, in which without transparency and accountability the target goal could not be achieved. This act redresses the grievance of the public who are made to run from pillar to post for some reason or other and empower them to get information across the table of the public authority as a matter of their right. The Act not only fulfills the public desire and expectation of the government functionaries but also pave way to provide useful information and support for furtherance of the good governance. The accountability fixed on the public authorities through this Act make them to work in a better way, for the betterment of the public and Government. As required under this act, information in the following 17 manuals is available on-line.


  1.  Mannual 1
  2. Mannual 2
  3. Mannual 3
  4. Mannual 4
  5. Mannual 5
  6. Mannual 6
  7. Mannual 7
  8. Mannual 8
  9. Mannual9
  10. Mannual 10
  11. Mannual 11
  12. Mannual 12
  13. Mannual 13
  14. Mannual14
  15. Mannual 15
  16. Mannual 16
  17. Mannual 17